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Who am I?


My name is Marco Bontenbal, I was born and raised in The Netherlands and currently living in The Hague.

Since I remember, pictures have always intrigued me.I've always wondered about the story and history behind them.

Looking at pictures was just not enough, i wanted to discovered the world through a lens and create some unique shots for myself.

So I decided to take action and enrolled on a photography course and from that moment I just hadn't stop!

Why photography?

I love working with the combination of technology and my own creativity: playing with light and colors, choosing an angle that transmits a raw emotion and discovering yourself through a lens. It's amazing to see the world though a lens, and be able to show it. But above all, being able to take part and capture moments, shapes, people, landscapes that translate into stories that matter.

The beauty of photography is infinite; you can show your own point of view but you also capture those beautiful moments where real life happens. I always try to create a story with the picture, so that the picture makes us think how will the story end.

What do I photograph?

I am not limited to one genre of photography. At this moment I mainly do Urbex photography, but I am always looking for new adventures to expand my horizon. I always challenge myself to blend my style into any genre of photography.

If you have any questions or want to contact me to know more about my work and what can i do for you, drop me a line or just click on one of the social buttons below.

Marco Bontenbal
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