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I have a love / hate relationship with abandoned cars! I see it in real life and think COOL, but then I have to take out my camera and shoot some interesting pictures... HMMM .. That's always harder, But again it has a lot to do with the perfect light at the right moment. I Have seen a lot of cars and I will show you here the best shots I have taken!

This picture is an old Jaguar xk120 LT2

20mm - F/8 - 1/3sec - Iso100

Forest and cars.. Its a mysterious combination, but it works. In this case there were 3 abandoned BMW's next to each other in an forest. It was a large piece of ground with a lot of cars.

30mm - F/2.8 - 1/30sec - Is0100

Oldtimers in a shed? Unbelievable but true... One of the most amazing things I have ever seen.. not one but a shed full of oldtimers just left behind!!

15mm - F/8 - 25sec - Iso200

Off road bus rally?? Really??? Well not really but It looked like it when I shot it :) Again a forest full of cars and car parts . I loved this location just to look around and think what it could have been and why those cars are here?

15mm - F/7.1 - 1/10sec - Iso100

The interior of an old abandoned Mini. This garden was fully equipped with mini's! It must have been a collector of those cars!

30mm - F/7.1 - 1/25sec - Iso100

Such a beauty parked to a tree...

22mm - F/8 - 0.4sec - Iso100

A Lancia who will never drive again :(

19mm - F/2.8 - 1/500sec - Iso100

Sometimes nature takes over! This car must have been here for a while!

30mm - F/2.8 - 1/640sec - Iso100

This truck is retired. He did his job well... now it is time to rest!

15mm - F/7.1 - 1/30sec - Iso100

This Citroën had the most sad eyes I had ever seen on a car. I think he wanted to drive a bit more before he ended here at the graveyard.

20mm - F/2.8 - 1/10sec - Iso100

You will find much more cars on my flickr account. Check it out if you're intrested!

Thank you very much for your support and follow me on facebook!

Marco Bontenbal


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